Alice & Voxel Garden


Interactive installation in virtual environment (2007) Aarau
„Alice“ installation shot, Art and Design Research Lab, University of Applied Science, Aarau

The beholder enters the installation wearing polarizing glasses and an input device. A virtual cloud follows the movements of the beholder’s hand, in which he is holding the input device. The moment the beholder presses the button on the device, raindrops start to fall. When these drops hit the ground, flowers start to grow. They grow up, move like they are swaying in the wind and then disappear into the ground again until the next raindrop waters the soil next to the flower.

Situated in a virtual environment structure, the beholder perceives his surroundings three dimensionally. The projected images on the wall and the floor are rendered according to the very point of view of the beholder in real time. This almost perfect illusion enables the beholder to develop a real feeling of care and makes him part of a virtual world that only exists as long as he is part of this machinery.


Voxel Garden

Interactive installation in virtual environment (2007)
Fraunhofer Institute, Stuttgart
„Voxel Garden“, installation shot, VR-Lab / Fraunhofer Institut, Stuttgart

„Voxel Garden“ builds upon the Alice project.

Whereas „Alice“ simulates reality with it‘s visual language, Voxelgarten goes one step further and creates an autonomous reality.

The beholder plunges into a world made of voxels (cubes). Detached form physical laws he is able to fly and move freely in this voxel world. With him is a large blue cube. When this blue cube intersects with the yellow cubes, the yellow ones start to grow and the blue one shrinks.

With a delay the yellow cubes transfer their growth to anther cube structures. After a while these structures fall apart, assume their original shape and the blue cube that follows the hand of the active beholder gains it original shape again too.

Like in Alice the beholder is caught in a situation where the piece only exists as long as he is present.

„Voxel Garden“, installation shot, Fraunhofer Institute (2007) Stuttgart

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