Camp West

by David Siepert and Stefan Baltensperger
social media project / installation 

Camp West is a fictitious occidental organization with terroristic characteristics. This organization recruits adherents by promising to make them ready to fight the foreign.

David Siepert and Stefan Baltensperger founded this fictional organization with doubtful intentions and staged it in virtual space. The project alternates thus between fiction and reality. The actual artwork is neither the video nor the exhibition, but the space of negotiation generated by the project.

The art piece itself is the collection of comments and reactions on the video as well as the thoughts provoked by the conception of such an organization. This space of negotiation and the comments can be seen as a mirror for a zeitgeist which makes the piece a relevant contemporary document.CW-still-02

CW 02

Bildschirmfoto 2013-02-27 um 13.31.37