by David Siepert + Stefan Baltensperger (2013 – 2014)
David Siepert Baltensperger_desti-nationDesti-Nation, exhibition view, gallery A|B|C ontemporary, Zurich

Desti-Nation is an autonomous buoy, equipped with GPS, GMS, batteries, solar panels, and an electric motor. Via internet the buoy can be called to a random place at the North African cost. From their, like a moving lighthouse, the buoy is guiding a save seaway to Europe. All the refugees have to do, is to follow the light.

Desti-Nation is the materialized manifestation of an ambivalence of society. On the one hand there is the wish and the duty to help refugees in need but on the other hand there is also a lot of fear. Too many refugees might enter ones country and threaten ones own existence. Scarcely anybody would want that refugees trying to cross the mediterranean sea drown on their way to Europe. But still none of the European governments would approve building a bridge between Africa and Europe.

So far Siepert + Baltensperger have presented a fully functional prototype of the buoy. Test and improvement will have to be made until the artists can release the Desti-Nation into its autonomous life.