Drawing Boundaries

by David Siepert + Stefan Baltensperger
David Siepert + Baltensperger territories

For their project Drawing Boundaries, Siepert + Baltensperger produced various national flags. Instead of reproducing the flags one-to-one they eliminated all colors and replaced them with a simple unifying red. The artists see national flags as a questionable symbol that unites and divides at the same time, a display of cultural and territorial boundaries.

Baltensperger and Siepert are very interested in symbols of national and cultural identity in postcolonial times. With their works they investigate fragments of these symbols and examine their function by letting them unfold in different contexts.

The work was on display at the Shanghai Biennale 2012/13 as a collaboration with Chinese artist Shi Qing.

David Siepert + Baltensperger territories1
David Siepert + Baltensperger territories3