Ghab Gabi

by David Siepert + Stefan Baltensperger
David Siepert + Baltensperger Ghab-Gabi-01-1
Ghab Gabi is the persian name for a carpet with a specific pattern (also know under the term garden-carpet). It is assumed that the idea of the garden carpet goes back to the wish of always having a piece of garden/paradise in ones home. In the Quran the garden often is described as the mundane counterpart to paradise.For the artwork Ghab Gabi Siepert + Baltensperger bought a persian carpet, mass produced in Egypt put up for sale in at IKEA. On the carpet the artists put seeds bought in China, watered the carpet and had the seeds grow throughout the exhibition. As a result, a very special and unique cultural product with very complex origins flourished in the exhibition.

David Siepert + Baltensperger Ghab-Gabi-02-
David Siepert + Baltensperger Ghab-Gabi-03