Interactive sound and light sculpture, 2010 Hamburg
SONUR installation shot

Installation shot; Visitors using the pedestals by putting their fingers on the pulse sensors

„SONUR“ is an interactive sound and light sculpture. The project is based on ambient sound fragments, which Siepert collected in different neighbourhoods in Hamburg. … the noise of the streets, the honking of ships in the harbour and of course sounds from people.

„SONUR“ is a cite specific piece, especially created for the shipping container, that was provided by „KLANG!“ (an initiative for contemporary music; „University for Music and Theatre“, Hamburg). This special container is not made of metal but of semi transparent plexi.

Inside the container, the visitor finds 5 pedestals with a tiny pulse sensor on top (black dot; see images). The moment a visitor places a finger on the sensor the heartbeat of this person triggers the sound fragments of a neighbourhood in Hamburg. Siepert has allocated different sound fragments to each plinth. So, if several people come together and let their heartbeat trigger sound fragments, the whole city becomes alive in this container again.

While this happens during the day, there is a second part to the installation at night, when the doors of the container are closed for visitors … the container turns into a light sculpture at night. Above each pedestal there is a fluorescent tube that echoes the heartbeat of the visitors with a delay of 12 hours. So, the container only becomes alive at night again, if people have been inside of it during the day and contributed their heartbeat to the piece.

SONUR was supported by KLANG!, University for Music and Theatre and by the Swiss Art Council, Pro Helvetia

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Container at night; illuminated from inside by the fluorescent tubes above the pedestals
SONUR installation shot
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