Untitled Machine

Interactive installation with sound, 2009 Basel
(Installation shot // photo by Hanspeter Wyss, 2009)

„Untitled Machine“ is an experimental set-up that makes the active beholder become part of an imaginary machinery. Oversized buttons are placed on the walls and the floor is completely covered with turf. The symbols on the buttons are well known from computers and other electronic devices.

A computer generated voice talking from the off is giving orders. („Push the red button!“ and so on …)

Once the beholder has pushed this button, the next order follows without signifying any intention. Also the act of pushing the buttons stays without obvious consequences.

The interrelation of the piece and the beholder alternates between mastering and being mastered by the “machine”.

All that remains of the beholder‘s presence are the traces on the turf that become more and more visible over the course of the exhibition.

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